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Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 5/1-5/3

Friday we all got signs and routes assigned to us, so we dropped some off! One of my addresses didn't exist, so I took my final sign to another house on Saturday.

WOW This weekend was gorgeous! It was such perfect weather to drive around to. I've been listening to an audio book called "Three Women".

My amazing friend, Wynne, surprised us with dinner on Friday night. It was from a place called Red Moon in Eden Prairie. I'd highly recommend if you like Chinese food! I also got these stickers in the mail! I ordered them, and they're hilarious. I plan to put them on cards etc. I am so excited her ponytail is part of the sticker! HA ! The company is my sticker face. I do not work with them, but I thought these were decently priced. They're $10 a sheet for this size. They have a ton of other options.

Jake and I got up super early before having a baby, but now we especially do. We used to ALWAYS go get breakfast on the weekends, but our new thing is going and grabbing a coffee and walking a lake super early before anyone is out. Saturday, we saw this house. It's SO pretty, so I stopped to grab a picture. Jake said he thinks it's his dream home. We both LOVE to Zillow houses to see the size and value. This one was 1900 square ft and 1.2 million!

We've been watching a couple of shows on Apple TV I'd recommend. One that still has new episodes every Friday is Defending Jacob. It's based on a book, but I didn't read the book. The other has one season that is all available called Truth Be Told. Both shows have well known actors in them. I started Never Have I Ever Today written by Mindy Kahling, and I love it. Also, don't forget if you're a fan of Working Moms, a new season comes out on 5/6 I think! I got a new air fryer, and I've been really using it this weekend. I made perfect grilled cheese 380 4 minutes on each side. We did put butter on the bread. Then, I made crunchy chickpeas tonight for tacos! I got this air fryer because the one I had was super small, and I had to do things in batches which was annoying!

I mowed my lawn on Saturday, and Jake mowed my moms while also setting up some gates for Olive:)

Today we hit up a different lake and saw this adorable site!

AND I put up laundry...finally...raise your hand if you let it just sit there after you wash it forever because hanging it is SO much work! haha!

I hope you guys had a great weekend:) Thank you for looking at my pictures:)

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