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Resolutions, Simplifying, Goals!

I've written some goals down I have for the year. I'm not starting off strong. I wrote some compliments, but I haven't every day. We agreed to eat every meal at home this week except for a breakfast out. We LOVE breakfast out on the weekends, but we don't need to do it both mornings. (I did eat at Rojo yesterday for Colt's going away party). The idea is that this won't be perfect, but after looking at how much we spent eating out last year on our credit card, we both could have DIED! We can EASILY save a ton of money by eliminating even a tiny bit of eating out!

Spend the Month of January writing out a compliment to someone daily.

Ride my Peloton 3x a week

Walk Dolly 3x a week for 20 minutes

Put my phone down for 2 hour straight every night

Eat More at Home

Buy Less Clothing

I usually create a "vision board" too. Every year I post this in a blog and get a ton of questions asking what a vision board is. It's hard to explain, but you take images and words and tape/glue them to a board. You see those images every day and it's supposed to help those become a reality. I just create a Pinterest board now. I like to go back at the end of the year and see which I accomplished. It's usually pretty awesome to see how much I've achieved.

I also LOVE GETTING RID OF STUFF! OMG It's so glorious! I throw things away and donate like crazy! I saw this daily challenge from Simplified, and I've done most of them so far. Need to catch up on a couple! You can follow along @simplified

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