Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 12/20-12/22

I had nothing planned this weekend, and then POOF! I did a lot! Are you ready for Christmas or however you celebrate? I AM! I love Christmas, and I LOVE giving gifts so much. I'm sitting here realizing I've consumed more sugar than one should in an entire year this weekend. I started working on 2020 goals...wow...writing 2020 is weird...and cool!

Friday was pretty boring, but Saturday was a BIG day. I discovered the light room app on my phone. This has been around forever for photographers, but it made me happy to take photos that kinda sucked because of lighting, and drastically improve them! Exhibit A:

We started the day by trying a new coffee place in the North Loop that was both gorgeous and overpriced! HA! It was good though, so I give them a pass. I will not be going regularly as I still need to pay my mortgage.

Then, we got our first real laugh out of Olive, and we were almost crying we were so happy. Of course, I thought I was recording but wasn't...ugh! I recorded some after which was still good but not AS good!

We went to dinner and then over to a friend's house Saturday night. I love meeting new people and learning about what they do. I find sometimes at radio station events, I'm overwhelmed and don't get the chance to really chat beyond surface questions. I always wish I had a bit more time. Anyway, I got to chat to some fascinating people at the party, and I only saw one phone out the whole evening to take this picture!

Today I went to the Holiday Market at the Depot with Harry and Tina. Then, we went to Tiny Diner because I had a gift card. Guess who forgot to use the gift card? Ugh! It was SO good, and I saw the lovely, Jana Shortal there! I hope you had a good weekend. Can you believe 2019 is almost over?! I am SO ready for a new decade!

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