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This is Derek and his pet duck, Ben Afquack

Derek emailed me about his pet duck, and he attached pictures. I HAD to know their story because it's the cutest thing ever. Here's Derek's story with Ben! Also, there are pictures below and his Instagram, so you can follow along!

The story is almost weirder than having a pet duck on a moped.... 😂

I'm in recovery (been clean for 5 and a half years now). Years before I cleaned up I was homeless living in my car and I ended up getting a duck on accident and he lived in my car with me... Lol. 

but after a couple years things got even worse and I had to give the duck to a more responsible caretaker. I've missed him SO MUCH! so I always said when I get it together and have a house and all that, I would get another duck! I got him when he was a day old (the week we moved into our new house) and he grew up hanging out with the dogs, so now he acts more like a dog. But I'm super busy (in school full time and working full time) so I had to find a way to spend as much time with him as possible, so I bought a pet carrier and started bringing him around everywhere on my little mini motorcycle!

Everywhere I go, people get SO EXCITED to meet a duck! And he gets SO EXCITED to meet people! So it just kinda turned into this hobby of on the weekends taking him to random places to swim or meet people or whatever.

Then my friend made him an Instagram and we now have the hobby of taking pictures of a duck making it look like he's doing people things (yesterday he posted a workout tutorial... Last week he was at Vikings training camp..) 

But yeah, that's how Ben Afquack and I became best friends! Eventually I would love to bring him into hospitals or something to bring joy to people who need it a little more.

Thanks for the email! Made my day!


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