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Pregnant? Things to Take to The Hospital

People keep asking me if I am getting a ton of unsolicited advice, and I'm not. People have been so incredibly kind and have offered some tips for sure, but it's been super helpful. I wanted to share those with you in case you're expecting your first or someone you know is.

I won't cover everything here, but these are the items that have been sent to me over-and-over again.

Take to the Hospital:

Long phone charger/extension cord

Flip Flops (for shower)/Slippers

Cushion to sit on on the way home

Your own towels (Dark)

Your own Pillow



Nipple Cream/Coconut Oil (Your preference)


Feeding pillow/boppy

Extra bags to take stuff home

Tylenol/Advil for Jake

Adult Diapers

Thank you cards for nurses

Journal to write birth story down

Nursing bra

Breast Pump (If you aren't breast feeding-bottle/formula)


Ponytail Holder

Playing Cards/Things to occupy you


Normal necessities: Deodorant, dry shampoo or regular, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, makeup

(Obviously clothes for you and baby)

I have been told the hospital will give you a ton of stuff (I have been told this no less than 100x and that I should take IT ALL)...take all the comfy undies, Tucks, pads etc they offer!

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