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Clean Products That Were Recommended

I posted on Instagram looking for clean products to start incorporating into my life. I don’t look at ingredients AT ALL. I realize that is very irresponsible. I know it won’t be an overnight change, but I’d like to make some changes. One product I was already told about is Beauty Counter. I was super weary because it seems so MLM to me. With that said, SO many people who don’t sell it recommended it. I tried some of the foundation and did like it!

I posted on Instagram asking for more tips, and I had people recommend this app where you can check! Think Dirty App or ewg.org

Also, here are brands that were recommended over and over again (I did not research these. They were just recommended via Instagram, so I’m taking their word on it):

Drunk Elephant (I was so excited to see this! It’s the moisturizer I use anyway. I find mine at Sephora. I will say…it is NOT cheap)

Acure Skin Care

Dr. Bronner (cleaning)

Burt’s Bees (I put this on my baby registry)

SW Basics

Love Method

Seventh Generation (Target)

Essence One

Native Deodorant (I tried this, and it gave me a rash?)

Real Clean Floors Wood Floor Cleaner

Primally Pure


Young Living

One Love Organics (I’ve also used this tonic spray and moisturizer and loved it!)



Honest Company

Mad Hippie

A lot of people said to just use vinegar and water to clean which I already use to clean my lights!

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