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Get sweat stains out of your sheets...yep...

Those sheets aren't mine, but they're close enough. Last week, I discussed how Jake sweats SO much. He turns his side of the sheets, and it's honestly so gross. I know he can't help it. After I mentioned it, I got a ton of messages from people saying it's normal, and their husband does too. Then, I got this email from Erica with a solution!

I was seriously MIND BLOWN when I tried this! 

I soaked my sheets in a big bucket - I didn't know how long to soak for, so I just waited to put them in the laundry while I let a load or two go through, and then put them in. So maybe an hour or 2? Anyways...

4 cups of hot water

2/3 cup washing soda (I couldn't find it at the store but bought it on Amazon)

1-2 cups Hydrogen Peroxide

10 drops lemon essential oils (not sure if this was just for the smell but I have them on hand, so used it)

I put the sheets in with my regular detergent and the stain was gone!!

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