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Here's how you know if you're dating a liar

In your gut, I truly believe you know if you're dating a liar. Unfortunately, you try SO hard to believe them because you love them...or more likely, you love the idea of them they have sold you. After doing 30 episodes of the Heartbroken Podcast, I can confirm that is almost always the case. Click here for the full article.

1. They're charming.

Good liars are manipulative, confident, eloquent, quick-witted, able to balance guilt and fear. (I honestly believe they even believe their own lies.)

2. You can't verify anything they say.

You ask to see photos or receipts, you want to meet their friends and family, but something always gets in the way and it never materializes. Although they promise you will, something always gets in the way. You know why? Because they're lying! (This one makes me laugh. I even had a guy finally photoshop vet records to prove to me that I was crazy...not him.)

3. They go on the offense when you question them.

They tell us the sky is purple and make us think there's something wrong with us for believing it's blue. When we dare to challenge them, we're the ones with the problem.

4. They're really good storytellers.

5. They use phrases like "Not that I can remember" or "To the best of my knowledge."

That's because non answer statements give someone time to formulate a better answer or to search for wiggle room to squirm their way out of the question.

6. They use qualifying words.

"Basically," "frankly," "honestly," "fundamentally," "usually," and, of course, "believe me" — Donald Trump's favorite — are red flags. So are qualifying statements like "Trust me," "I'm a good person," and "I'm an honest person."

Source: www.popsugar.com

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