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The dumbest arguments you've had with your partner recently

I posted on Facebook the other day that Jake and I had the dumbest argument. "I was super hungry last night...maybe I should say hangry. I was cooking dinner, and at some point, Jake turned the burner from Medium (where I had it) to low. When I went to check the food, it wasn't cooked at all. I may have over-reacted to him adjusting the burner."
SO I asked for your dumbest arguments recently, and they didn't disappoint. 

Kayla Reyes Where we want to have dinner.. usually ends up driving around and going home hungry 😂😂😂 

Christie Eckert Ugh I hate that! Most recent, which happens alot. Is trying to figure out dinner. He usually says it doesn't matter to him. Like really? He would have to have an idea what sounds good. It gets so fustrating. Darn men lol 

Amber Katharine Pooping in the wrong bathroom, leaving the toilet seat up, not cleaning up after he makes a meal, forgetting where the dish washer is, leaving laundry in large heaps of a wrinkled mess......

Jaclyn Heim Normally over the heat in the house. He doesn't mind being frozen and I hate the cold. 

Alisandra Ali Wood We argue over why didn’t either one of us take anything out of the freezer in the morning, so it can thaw for dinner that night. Then argue over where to go get something to eat. Once we eat and the hangry goes away, we both apologize for being an asshole. Lol 

Kari Marie I'm pregnant right now so to him every argument is stupid and to me they are super important, lol. Damn pregnancy hormones. 

Carol Inman Greeman We argued about missing the joke at the beginning of a tv show.

Bre Bischoff On vacation, we had just recently been hiking, and we both had blisters on our feet. We were trying to get somewhere for breakfast, and I asked, "Are you ok to walk?" He replied promptly, "Yeah I'm fine" then proceeded to hail a taxi. I said that I had just asked if he was ok to walk to breakfast and he says that his answer of yes was replying that he could physically walk, not that he wanted to walk to breakfast. Apparently I should have specified, and if he didn't understand the question, he should have confirmed  😂

Jackie Dean Not throwing his garbage/beer cans away when the garbage can is 2 ft away. Ugh!!!! Every dam time. 

Molly Sue Not really an argument, but I am sort of OCD and I always over-react to small things around the house. Leaving paperwork all over the counter, not spreading the towels back out on the rack after using them, etc.The other night I was really pissy that he was shutting the microwave door too loudly (may or may not have been something to do with the time of month 🙈

Scott Mcinnis Toilet paper roll. 

Natalie Peterson Um there will be one tonight about why he was not watching the dog yesterday and and let him roam the house and chew open the new box of pull-ups I just bought.

Tonia Marie We’ve been married for 18 years. I love him.However, I was having a crap day and the one bright spot was eating the leftovers for lunch. I was clinging to that.He rarely eats leftovers of food he knows I like. I’d like to say out of love but maybe just to avoid the fallout.I came home and the scent of reheated dinner was still hanging in the air. It hit me in the face as soon as I opened the door.The evening went....poorly. 

Sarah Lynn Laundry is always our fight and it's so stupid. 

Maggie M. Lindula Who the cat likes better. 

Jane Cahoon How much rain we are supposed to get!! 

Ashley Prout Putting his shoes on the rug! We have 4 of them in the entry way to choose from!

Ashley Elizabeth Tropp why he always gets the counters soaking wet when doing dishes or washing his hands.

Missie Welle Jay our mcds argument. Lol.

Katie Wilson Always about the covers... and eating my leftovers! 

Kelly Jeffers We don’t fight really, it’s very rare. But one of our absolute worst was on our way to taking the kids to see Santa. We legitimately stormed to different ends of the mall as soon as we parked 😂 It was because hubby told me the minivan was “ my” pick and he got the next one for our replacement car. That did not go well.

Heidi D. Knight My husband ate my lunch I had already for the next day in the fridge. Talk about being hangry 😡😋😡

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