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Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 10/26-10/28

This weekend, I went to Bluefin Bay for the first time. We drove up for Jake's mom's wedding. First of all, the area is SO pretty...worth the 4 hour drive...I guess:) haha

Saturday, we got up and started getting ready for the big day. Jake's sister, Hannah, did hair for all of us. She is so awesome! Anyway, I had a reading in the ceremony. Let me tell you, as someone who speaks professionally, speaking in front of people is extra scary...maybe not, but it feels like it. People expect you to be good! ha! The ceremony was lovely! 

After a little social hour, the party began! Jake's mom is so awesome. At our wedding, the mother/son dance was to "Dancing in the Streets". They danced to another upbeat song for their first dance, and it was awesome! His whole family dances, and it makes parties even better!

Sunday, I went to see the “Beautiful Boy” movie today. It’s the true story of addiction...closely focusing on the father’s relationship with his son and his son’s addiction. 

When the movie ended, I started crying. I didn’t cry at all during the movie, and I couldn’t stop, and it was incredibly odd.

I have mentioned addiction in my family, and tbh, I have grown so cold to it. I’ve grown unsympathetic to it. Mostly because it was easier. It was just easier to not know what was happening in their life. I couldn’t take hearing about it anymore. I couldn’t take the lying anymore. That may seem so selfish. That may seem awful, and to some degree, it is. I’ve even made light of it...on the radio and elsewhere. It makes it less real, and it has helped me ignore it or maybe make it feel funny instead of serious...because it’s so serious.

This movie was more real to me. See, the addict I’ve been so close to doesn’t look gaunt with dark circles around their eyes. The thing is, they look like the person I know and love. It’s their behavior that’s different. I never related to those “characters”. This was different, and it hit me. Anyway, it’s the story of a survivor. He’s someone who has been sober for 8 years. I guess it encouraged me to take what is happening to those I love so much...a bit more seriously. I don’t know what that means, but I can at least allow that sympathy back into my heart.

Thanks to Nic and Timothee Chalamet for coming to Minneapolis.

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