My Review of "Bohemian Rhapsody"

I am NOT a movie reviewer, and I rarely even read movie reviews. I'm a person who loves JLO movies, so I don't have the same taste in movies as reviewers usually. I am going to give you my take on Bohemian Rhapsody. I have a Queen

On my way into the theater, I heard non-Queen fans discussing if they'll go see it or not. They acknowledged how Queen changed music and how great of a singer Freddie was. They asked the question "why a Queen movie?". They didn't feel they were big enough. I can kinda see that take from others that aren't huge Queen fans like myself. However, I was SO excited to see this. 

I did not read other reviews. Here's my take, and I'll start with the bad.
The number one thing that bothered me was how they represented Freddie off-stage. Everyone knows on-stage he was a true showman. However, it is very well know how shy and gentle he was off-stage. To see him addressing huge parties so confidently off-stage throughout the movie etc was a little irritating. I don't know if he was a diva and showed up late to band meetings etc. I do know he did throw crazy parties like they portrayed, but how confident and extroverted they made a little off. The movie made the other guys in the band just look perfect, so I think since they're still alive and had a say in this movie, that doesn't seem quite accurate either. 

I know they had to cram a lot into the movie, so they weren't going to capture all of the details just like a book-to-movie, so I was fine with that. I think the casting was quite amazing. I was happy they didn't draw out Freddie's death. I think it's a great movie for anyone who loves the story of a rock band because to me, they were the best rock band. It will also show you that Freddie wasn't the only one that wrote the songs in the band (a misconception people have). It is long, which I was happy with, and I hope you check it out! 



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