Cameron Diaz: Fame=Success=Happy...Spoiler...NOPE

This is old, but it's new to me. I liked watching this because SO many think fame is the equivalent to success. I mean, to a degree, I understand that. We associate fame with wealth, and a lot of people base whether or not their successful on the amount of money they make. Hey, I do too!

Jake has been so important to me because he has slowly opened my eyes to more important things. He works hard, but NOTHING is more important to him than family. Of course, I have always loved my family. I'd do anything for them, but I spent years building my career and putting work events ahead of weddings etc. I am happy I did it to get to where I am, but I now know, I need more of a balance. When I think about things at night, the most important to me are those that I love. I love my job, and I honestly think it partly does define me. I'm okay with that, but it can't be the only thing that defines me. I think Cameron Diaz has a great point. It's about the first minute of the video. 



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