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Falen's Vacation in 10 Pictures

I had my first full week off of work this year, and it was awesome! I wanted a beach vacation, but I'm not really a Florida fan. I brought up California or the East coast, and Jake picked the East coast. We chose Cape Cod! Neither of us had been. After looking at a ton of stuff, we chose to stay in Chatham. 

We discovered that every little town has a main street filled with cute shops and restaurants. This church stood out on our walk on Main Street in Chatham!

Just a short drive was a light house...which light houses are obviously everywhere around there, and this is the glorious beach!

Tuesday, Jake had a surprise for us. He booked a short plane ride over Cape Cod! It was super cool. It was in the same plane Dave flies. I got sick the one time I went up with Dave, so I was worried, but this time, things were good! 

Wednesday, we booked a whale watching tour, and it was awesome! We saw a humback whale and some fin whales. 

The whale watching tour was in Provincetown which is the tip of Cape Cod. We had the best meal of our trip there at a place called Canteen!

And we got this nice pic after Dillon took 20 selfies first...

AND I found this GORGEOUS house!

Thursday, it rained, and honestly, we were super lazy. We tried an amazing frozen hot chocolate...oh! AND we did got to Hyannis for dinner, and I forgot to mention we saw horseshoe crabs. They were swimming around us. TBH we had no idea what they were at first. We were guessing sting ray or turtle, but then a small child told us what it was! haha! I had to Google it. That's when I discovered they've been around longer than dinosaurs! DANG!
Anyway, our last day, we took the ferry to Martha's Vineyard! We LOVED it! We rented a jeep and drove to a llama farm.

We had to go to the cliffs and see another lighthouse too!

It was a great mix of a vacation because I usually prefer vacations where I can explore. Laying around on a beach gets boring to me. Although, I do need downtime for sure. This was a great mixture, and it was great for families! I hope you had a great week! I'm excited to be back on the show tomorrow! Missed you guys:)

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