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Here's the order you should be applying your makeup in

I'll ask my skincare expert about the skincare order soon! I see her next week. In the meantime, there's an order we're supposed to be applying our makeup, and surprise...I have a few out of order!

1. Primer (I Use Becca)

2. Eye Shadow Primer (I don't do this)

3. Eye Shadow (I rarely wear this, but I have a kylie burgundy kit and a Sigma pallet I like. I mostly just put concealer on my eyelids)

4. Eyeliner (I only wear this when I have my makeup done now. Stila all day. I used to wear it constantly. I don't as much because of my eyelash extensions now. Not because I can't, but because I don't feel like I need it now)

5. Mascara (I don't wear this either because of the eyelash extensions)

6. Eyebrow Pencil (I use Anastasia

7. Foundation (I usually use either Laura Mercier or Kat Von D)

8. Color Corrector (I don't have this)

9. Concealer (I can't remember the brand I use)

10. Contour (I have a stick from Clinique, but I don't really use it)

11. Bronzer ((I just use a Sephora bronzer))

12. Blush (Again, I can't remember my brand. I believe NYX. It's a cream blush)

13. Highlighter (HAVE to wear it! LOVE it!)

14. Setting Powder (I don't use this)

15. Lip Liner (I only used this when I had the kylie kits)

16. Lipstick (My favorites are from Kat Von D and New Mod from Sigma)

17. Lip Gloss (I've never used this. I can't stand the feel)

18. Setting Spray (I use Urban Decay)

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