Is the new movie on Netflix, Veronica, the scariest movie ever?

A friend shared a story online saying the new movie on Netflix, Veronica, was the scariest movie ever.
Because I LOVE scary movies, I had to watch it. It's in Spanish which suprisingly didn't bother me, and for some reason, it added a creepier element to me. 

Being in the theater ALWAYS makes it scarier for me because the sounds are so much louder. I wondered how scared I'd be watching it alone in my basement at 2p. It turns out, I was still decently scared. It's apparently based on a true story about a girl with a different name. You can click here for that story. 

Was it the scariest movie ever? No. Was it scary? Eff Yes! Let me remind you, I watched it my basement. I went to the bathroom at one point, and I swear the door was moving. Whatever.

It's about a girl who goes to Catholic school. Her father is dead, her mom works all the time, and she takes care of her 3 younger siblings. She and 2 friends mess with a Ouija board in the basement of her school, and Veronica is posessed.

I suggest watching it! Hopefully reading the subtitles won't be annoying for you. Good luck!
I give it 4 out of 5 screams:)



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