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Free help to find a job you're actually passionate about!

Today we read an email in group therapy from a 34 year old woman who was unhappy with her job. She didn't hate her job or co-workers, she was just bored. She had been with the same company for 12 years, and she wondered if she should find something she's passionate about and pursue that. 

We had SO many people email us in the exact same position. Well, tonight I got this email from Gina, and I thought it was awesome, so I wanted to share it! 


The State of MN’s Department of Employment & Economic Development is the best kept secret around! Here are a few highlights:

·         Our home page www.mn.gov/deed is for both job seekers and employers.

·         We not only help people get jobs but careers by informing them of the labor market information, take assessments of interests, & more!

·         Everything we do if FREE

·         We have programs that help PAY for the required training should they find a new career path (I say we will pay for you to go to Clown College if you can show us it’s a good fit for you and you will make a livable wage) (BTW last month I paid for someone to get their drone pilot’s license and another to get “Professional Beer Serving” as they were opening their own brewery!

·         You DON’T have to be unemployed to use our services. All you need is an account on www.minnesotawork.net which will get them in to any of the 40+ workforce centers in MN, access to the job bank, computers in the resource room, entry into workshops and hinging events.

·         It’s our PASSION. It’s what we do and we do it for the good peeps of MN!

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