Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 1/5-1/7

Friday, I got to have lunch with Brooke! Let me back up a second...a couple of months ago, I was asked if I'd be willing to auction off a lunch/coffee with me for an event. I was like...why not? However, nothing is more terrifying than the thought of NOBODY bidding on it. I mean...that's really putting yourself out there. Would they just act like maybe they "forgot to put my auction item out" to spare my feelings? Luckily, I wasn't at the event, so I'd never know. BUT I got an email from Brooke, who thankfully made me feel worthy by bidding.

To my surprise, she was just the sweetest ever, and we happened to have a lot in common! We love traveling, she has an adorable pooch, and she didn't judge me while ripping into a BLT like the Beast.

I was also spending the weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge in Bloomington for a little staycation! We went straight to the water park, and it was awesome. I went for the lazy river of course, and that was awesome, but it pours out into a wave pool that was even more awesome. My favorite part in the water park was the family slide. You select your theme. We selected a starry sky, and I was the most soaked...and might have screamed the most as well! 

Saturday, I let the boys hang out at Great Wolf, and I met Raven downtown for a day retreat. It was a retreat to empower you. We were there all day writing our goals and ideas. We learned a lot, and I took home an adorable notebook filled with all the info, so I can go over it all to refresh and actually start on those goals! The girls that led the event were super sweet. They will be doing more events soon, so you can check them out on Instagram if you're interested @wearewellnesswarriors 

I headed back to Great Wolf to OWN the guys in Bowling, which I easily did...

Overall, we really liked the Great Wolf Lodge. They are beyond family friendly, and everyone was so helpful. They have a fun game around the resort called MagiQuest that involves wands. That was Dillon's favorite part! They have stuff for everyone...it's a nut free zone which is great for kids with allergies. AND for the parents, they have the Wine-Down. You can leave a card on your door letting them know what time your kid is asleep. They will text you, so they don't wake your kid up, and let you know your wine and snack is there! AMAZING!
Sunday, I potted all of my plants, and I'm hoping for the best! Fingers CROSSED!



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