35 facts you learned in school that are WRONG!

I learned most of these...haha! I have 10 listed below. Click here for the full list! 

1. Chameleons camouflage to blend in.

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The real reason chameleons change color is to control their body temperature and to express mood. Cool, huh? As you can guess, darker colors absorb more light, so they'll swap to a lighter color to stay cool. In terms of emotion, they'll darken their shade when they're scared and brighten when they're excited.

2. Vincent van Gogh cut off his own ear.

The famous painter is equally known for his iconic works as the fact that he supposedly cut his own ear off. But historians believe the real story is that van Gogh actually lost his ear in a heated argument with his friend and fellow artist Paul Gauguin. Apparently Gauguin, also a fencer, severed his ear off with his sword and Van Gogh was only trying to protect him.

Although the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam stands by the original story, several booksdedicated to the artist's life support this lesser-known theory.

3. Dogs have cleaner mouths than humans.

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Most dogs do not brush their teeth twice a day or floss, so no, their mouths are not cleaner than ours. You won't find humans eating trash or licking out of toilet bowls, either. It is true, however, that the healthier the dog, the cleaner they are. It's believed that this myth comes from the fact that dogs' wounds heal after they lick them. It's not their mouths are especially clean, it's just a similar practice to us washing a wound to prevent infection.

4. Bats are blind.

Bigger bats can see even better than humans can — three times better, in fact.

5. Pluto isn't a planet.

We've had an interesting relationship with Pluto over the years, from the ninth rock from the sun to not being a part of the solar system altogether. Although the small planet was reclassified in 2006 as a dwarf planet, it's still technically a planet nonetheless.

6. Goldfish only have a three-second memory.

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Evidence shows that fish are just as smart as birds and mammals. According to studies, they can even remember things for three to five months.

7. Isaac Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head.

You may have heard that Newton discovered the law of gravity one day when he was sitting beneath an apple tree, which is somewhat true. An apple was involved, but the revelation didn't come to him because of one hitting him on the head. He did see one fall from a tree, which made him wonder why apples fall straight to the ground instead of sideways. It's still a cool story, though.

8. The blood in your veins are blue.

Despite what you see when you look at your forearms, blood is red, period. Your veins may appear blue because of how light reflects and how it's absorbed by your tissue. Your veins pump deoxygenated blood, which absorbs more red light and as a result appears more blue. The deeper the vein, the bluer it looks.

9. Bulls get angry at the sight of red.

It's not the specific color that riles them up, it's the waving object. Bulls will react with the same amount of aggression to a moving flag of any shade.

10. Camels store water in their humps.

The ability for camels to survive for seven days without water isn't due to the fact that they store water in their humps. All their humps are fat, but the fat is what provides them with about three weeks of energy. Camels' kidneys and intestines are really the ones that retain water.

Camels braying at the Pushkar Camel Festiival, Rajasthan, India



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