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More new emojis are coming!

You can find an emoji with hair like yours if you have blonde, brown, or black straight hair.  Otherwise, you're screwed, but that's about to change.

The group that regulates the official set of emojis announced that they're strongly considering adding emojis with curly hair, white hair (my mom will be pumped), red hair, and a bald head (Steve will be pumped) to their 2018 set.

But before then, we're still due for a big burst of new emojis this summer, including 

1.  Male and female zombies, mermaids, fairies, elves, wizards, vampires and genies.

2.  Some new faces, including one with a shocked look and brain exploding, an angry one with symbols that represent cursing covering the mouth, a skeptical one with one eyebrow raised and one that's vomiting.

3.  Some new animals, including dinosaurs, a hedgehog and a cricket.

4.  Some new foods a sandwich, broccoli, a pretzel, a steak, a coconut, a pie and a cup with a straw.

5.  And an orange heart.  Because hearts in every single other color just weren't enough.


(Mashable / Emojipedia

 They might look like this:

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