I've Ended Up On Burrito TikTok and I'm not mad at it...

The majority of my Tiktok feed is honestly food bloggers. Not sure it's because of all the coffee shops I post, but I'm not mad about it.

Recently, I've ended up on Burrito TikTok, and honestly, these dudes are creative as hell.

The first is Oli Paterson, better known as El Burrito Monster, and some of the stuff he does is WILD stuff, like using a pepperoni pizza as a wrap.

And then there's Minnesota's own Mac Idelson (@burrito.mac) and he did a whole series dedicated to making a burrito that reps every state!

This one was baked ziti and honestly I'm just mad he hasn't opened a food truck yet.

Who are some of your favorite food TikTokers? Let me know!

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