My Top 5 Mac Miller Songs

You've probably heard from either on the Night Show, my social media, or on my occasional appearances on The Dave Ryan Show, I am a huge Mac Miller fan. My senior year of high school, me and my hooligans friends would blast Watching Movies With The Sound Off on a regular basis when driving out of the school parking lot.

Mac had a huge impact on me as a kid, and today (Jan 19th) would've been his 29th birthday. It's crazy to think he was still on the rise at the time of his death, another amazing young talent gone too soon.

So to honor that and him, here are my favorite Mac songs.

1. 100 Grandkids

2. Objects in the Mirror

3. Stay

4. Under The Weather

5. Blue World

Honorable Mention: Knock Knock

We literally started pep rallies with this song!

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