My Definitive State Fair Food Parade Rankings

The Food Parade came and went this weekend, but you KNOW we had to do the ratings!

FIGURE SKATING RULES: 10s are reserved for things that changed my life.

Mini Donuts 🍩: 7.7/10 (I had coffee on me so this was a dope combo.)

Fries 🍟: 8.6/10 (I mean... duh...)

Cheese Curds 🧀: 8.3/10 (I’ve had better but still top notch curds.)

Egg Rolls 🍱: 9.3/10 (BRUH)

Pronto Pup 🌭: 5.9/10 (I think I just don’t like the batter but the hype may have ruined it for me. I know it’s a steamy take but still.)

Malt 🍨: 8.1/10 (I mean... ice cream... amazing.)

Duck Wontons 🥟: 9.5/10 (🔥🔥🔥)

Twister Dog 🌪: 3.4/10 (yeah it’s just chips and a hot dog... but it’s swirly...)

Sweet Martha’s 🍪: 7.9/10 (GOOD. Very good. But again... the hype was SUPER high and world wasn’t rocked 💁‍♂️)

Beef Patty 🇯🇲: 7.6/10 (I was spoiled with beef patties and Caribbean food in Philly but still VERY solid. I needed some spice 🥵)

What was your favorite Food Parade item???

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