Where to find State Fair Beers

State Fair SZN is upon us (well, sort of.) Even though the state fair is not physically here this year, our breweries in the Cities are still putting out their signature beers for the Great Minnesotan Get Together.

(Shout out to @forkinthekitchen, she took the shot of this one a few years ago. Lift Bridge is bringing back the Mini Donut Beer, btw!)

Here's the type of brews you'll find this year below:

  • Chocolate Cookie Beer
  • Key Lime Pie Beer and Mini Donut Beer
  • Raspberry Hard Cider and Sparkling Honey Hive
  • S'Mores Beer
  • Deep Space Brine pickle beer
  • Mystery State Fair beer
  • Minnesota Mule Cider and No Fair Cider
  • Pryes Winning Cobbler Blueberry Ale

As for where to find them, and some other fair favorites, you'll have to click here!

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