E. White's Sips of the Weekend, Vol. 1


There's two things that fuel me in life: craft beer and coffee (and water because I don't wanna die.)

So, since I partake in plenty of both over the weekends, I'm gonna hit you with some of my favorites each week!

Let's begin:

Penny's Coffee, Linden Hills

Their cold brew SLAPS. It's so good, really full bodied, not bitter at all. Plus, the shop is super cool, plenty of natural light, and they have a great selection of other drinks and food (get the breakfast sandwich!)

LTD Brewing, Hopkins

Not gonna lie, the taproom is super unassuming. But the beer is phenomenal. Everyone in our office has mentioned this brewery to me, and I'm glad I made the trip. Get the Tangerine Speedo, it's a sour. So good!

Hope Breakfast Bar, Saint Paul

They just got featured on KARE 11 for the restaurant itself, but the heavy sleeper here is their cold brew. It's VERY solid. Get the Banana Milk Latte, too.

Indeed Brewing, Northeast

This is literally a 10 minute walk from my house... do you know how dangerous that is???

Their taproom is awesome, great old-school aesthetic. And the beer? Top-tier!

Elise got the Key Lime Sour, so I had to take a pic of that. It was delicious!

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