What's good! I'm E. White.

Well, here's a long-winded post about my life and stuff...

YOOOOO!!! I'm E. White, and it's like my 3rd day out here in Minnesota and it's cold as s**t, but we out here!

I'm stoked to be taking over the Night Show on 101.3 KDWB. I just moved up from Des Moines, so I'm happy to be in a real city again.

ANYWAY... We'll do some 5 facts or something like that.

1. I rap.

I've been doing music my whole life, it kind of runs in the fam. My dad is a jazz musician, so I learned how to play my scales instead of playing catch when I was a kid. I started rapping when I was in college while I was playing bass in a hip-hop group, and I've been at it since then!

2. I'm a HUGE foodie.

I'm shamelessly one of those people that takes pics of everything I eat before I dive in. I think the easiest way to learn about a new place is through their food, so I'm always up for recommendations on new spots.

3. I was a powerlifter in college!

I'm trying to get back at it now that I have some time again... I just joined a new gym today! I used to be part of my college's team, and had so much fun doing it. Nothing helps you de-stress like throwing a bunch of heavy stuff around for an hour or so.

4. I LOVE Photography.

I actually went to school for it, but it has still been a huge hobby of mine since I got into radio. I really wanted to work for Thrasher Mag and just shoot skate jams for a living, but once the only way I was making money was through weddings, I changed my focus a bit, because shooting weddings, at least for me, SUCKED.

5. Craft Beer? I'm in!

I've heard (and drank) nothing but good things as far as it goes with the beer scene here in the Twin Cities. My girlfriend and I actually hosted a podcast on Des Moines breweries for a while, and we plan on continuing doing videos at the breweries as soon as she moves up here! We're always looking for the best breweries no matter what town we're in!

Well, I think that's good for now. BYE!!!

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