I went full foodie mood this weekend... SO WORTH IT!

I say it time and time again... THIS CITY IS SLEPT ON! It seems like every day something new is happening in Des Moines, and every the old traditions are being updated.

Take for example, the Downtown Farmer's Market. This weekend we had opening day, and it was PACKED. I had to get up bright and early to MC, too (shout out my poor girlfriend for letting me drag her along lol),

But the real thing that set this weekend off was THE FOOD!

Not only was the Farmer's Market happening, but the Des Moines Social Club had it's annual Food Truck Throwdown. They had a bunch of different trucks of all different cuisines camped out down Cherry Street.

And dude... I mean... just look at some of this...

Make an effort to go around Des Moines and look for all the new things happening... you never know what you'll find!

Oh, also... HUGE shout out to the Wild... BIG win yesterday!

Wild Win

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