5 Artists (and some) you NEED to check out in 2019!

Happy 2019! Welcome to your new year, hopefully you're recovered from all debauchery. Unless you're a Kardashian, in which case there's always debauchery.

With that new year brings new music, and you know I'm always trying to put you on that new stuff. Here's some artists (all from different genres) that I think you should to listen to more this year! 

Billie Eilish

She had some success at alternative radio this year, but she's about to become one of the biggest stars in music this year. Scariest part? SHE'S ONLY 16!

She has this haunting, quirky vibe to her voice, it's almost like a dark angel. With some great production behind her, you have something special.


I'm a HUGE British music nerd, and I've been following Mahalia for a couple years now. She reminds me a lot of Alicia Keys mixed with Childish Gambino... if you love R&B, she's a MUST for your playlist this year.


He may be my favorite artist currently, because he's bringing hip-hop, jazz, and R&B rolled all together. I haven't heard a song by Masego I don't like. Plus, he plays the sax... and KILLS it!

Alec Benjamin

He speaks to your nerdy high school self. Alec has such a cool vibe to his voice and produces his on beats too!

When it comes to pop this year, I think he's essential.

Lauren Daigle

WHAT. A. VOICE. Lauren Daigle will literally play your heart strings like an upright bass. I honestly think "You Say" is gonna be the wedding song of the year.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Brockhampton, Hobo Johnson

They've finally made it out of the underground, and I am BEYOND happy about it.

If you're looking to put something a little different on your playlist, even damn near weird, this is the move.

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