Hometown Hacks: tips for a dope trip back home!

Fam, it felt SO GOOD to get home for a little bit.

This time last year, I had just moved to Des Moines, so I couldn't fly home for the holidays (I was also so broke it hurt). Fast forward a year, and I'm almost sweating through my eyes (man-crying) as my parents pulled up at the airport. Not seeing them for like a year other than Facetiming was so weird, but it was great!

So yea, I spent my holidays back in Philly! Here's some highlights (AKA a bunch of dope food.)

My first stop EVERY TIME when I'm back in town is a spot called DiNic's.

They make the OTHER famous sandwich from Philly (the one that the rest of the world hasn't ruined yet)... the Roast Pork.

Bruh... it's PHENOMENAL. Thin-sliced pork loin, gravy, sharp provolone cheese and garlicky greens? 

Consider it CRUSHED. I wouldn't go on a date after, but you gotta try it if you're ever in the 215!

Of course, me and two of my best friends from college did the basic chick move of hitting up the Christmas Village downtown. It's down the street from one of my favorite coffee shops and right by City Hall!

For the rest of the trip, I spent it at my parents' place just north of the city in Warminster. We moved out there when I was like 14. It was good to see some friends from high school, and some familiar logos on my tree...

Probably the person most excited to see me (even more than my parents) was my goddaughter, Alena. She's the BEST. She also humored me and threw the blessings up.

Only way to end a trip home is with the only person that might be more of a breakfast nut than me... my old man.

Our go to spot is Daddypop's in Hatboro. It's like Philly's Waveland Cafe, small family joint with awesome food. Guy Fieri went there once so like... I mean... if that's not proof enough that it's dope...

Now, I'm sitting here in the airport, getting ready to fly back to my second home, the DSM.

Maybe it's yours, too, and you're on the way back, you felt like you didn't have NEARLY enough time to be back home.

Here's some tips for next time because I think lists are cool.

1. Family First: This includes your closest friends!!!!! You don't need to see everyone in the world when you get back home... you simply don't have enough time! Make time for those that matter the most, those are the people that will stick with you no matter what, not when it's convenient for them. Also, if you can't make it to see someone that matters, THEY'LL UNDERSTAND!

2. Be Local: Go back to your favorite spots, the places that YOU think are special. Get that real taste of home! Especially if they're owned locally. Show people what your city's all about, or just embrace it for yourself! Make a playlist with local music, too. The amount of Meek Mill I just listened to over the weekend is definitely unhealthy but SCREW IT PHILLY ALL DAY. 

3. Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin: You took vacation time for a reason! Schedule like three things you WANT to do, then be spontaneous! It just adds to the fun of the trip. IT'S OK IF YOU DON'T GET TO EVERYTHING!

4. Meditate: I'm assuming you moved for work or school. This is a perfect time to get your mind right when you have a lot of stress. TRUST ME, I know the feeling. Drive somewhere and like just sit there and watch the world go by. Think back to why you moved, what your goal is, and how you can achieve it. Think about how your home molded you too, how you are as a person. Take some time to appreciate the life you're living!

5. Eat Everything Your Mom Makes: This is literally the first time in MONTHS you're not eating Hot Pockets... so like... yea... point made.

It was great to be home, I think I made the most of it.

Back to the grind, peeps!

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