It's National Nacho Day... here's my favorites in the DSM!

Well, now that you've voted (if you haven't yet look up your polling place here!) you can celebrate your civic duty in the best way possible: by stuffing your face with chips and cheese.


And Des Moines has some AMAZING Mexican food and bar food, so it's only right the best marriage of both deserves a Top 5 list.

I'm no pro food critic, but I've been hammered enough and/or angry enough watching football to know what a good nacho tastes like.

Here's my Top 5 nachos in Des Moines:

#5. Mullet's, South Side, Breakfast Nachos

They combined two of my favorite things: breakfast and nachos, so they're automatically on the list.

'Nuff said.

#4. El Bait Shop, Downtown, Velvet Elvis Dip

DON'T KILL ME NACHO PURISTS. But I dare you to find a better chips and queso combo. When you're trying like 120 beers, you need something that won't fill you up too much, and this queso, filled with spicy sausage, is an absolute move.

You can always get their nachos as well. I suggest Philly Style for obvious reasons.

#3. Zombie Burger, East Village, Three Little Pigs As Told By The Wolf

These SCREAM Iowa. We've all ended up at Zombie Burger on Locust after a long night out in the East Village. Next time, DEFINITELY try these out. Your classic nacho go-tos, all accompanied by ham, bacon, and pulled pork. You can only get this at the EV location, but it's worth it!

Maybe get chips and guac for your vegan friend, or an Undead Glenn.

#2. The Library Cafe, Beaverdale/Drake, The Library Nachos

There are three things promised in life: death, taxes, and if you put corned beef and banana peppers on something I'm gonna f**k it up.

These are SO GOOD, perfect for watching a game or drowning your sorrows/happiness in queso after a Drake game.

Did I mention you can put corned beef on them? Oh, and BREAKFAST NACHOS???

#1. Malo, Downtown, Seafood Nachos

They're easily the most unique. Crab, shrimp, and lobster in like every bite (I'm not kidding, the meat game is HEAVY). Add in their BOMB queso, fresh guac, roasted corn and chipotle crema on top of their housemade chips, and that's a win.

These are just my favorites, though.

What are yours???

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