Iowa beer makes list of best stouts in the country!

It's probably not hard to tell by now if you listen on your ride home from work, but I enjoy a cold beverage from time to t... who am I kidding, I LOVE BEER.

And while I'll enjoy a tall boy of PBR or bottle of Heineken, I especially love local beer, so when I moved out here a year ago, I was happy to find out that Iowa has a fast-growing craft beer scene, especially in the DSM!

Well, guess what... we made another list! (Take that, haters, and your "flyover state" theories!)

Yep, Toppling Goliath Brewery in Decorah made the cut on Thrillist's Best Stouts in America with their Mornin' Delight Imperial!

If you or your boo likes strong tasting beers, you'll love this. It's really solid. However, make sure you have a DD that night... it's 12.8%!

Also, their logos are BOMB.

Just check out their illustration for the Pseudo-Sue:

Badass, right?

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