Would you live in a coffin for $300???

My favorite part about Halloween goes beyond the costumes, the candy, and most certainly beyond the pumpkin spice.

Yes... it is being scared out of my skull.

Haunted houses, hayrides, all those events. I'm so into it.

... Sleeping in a coffin, though? I'm not so sure.

Yep, Six Flags in St. Louis is holding a 30-hour coffin challenge. If you stay in the coffin for 30 hours, you win $300, along with some passes and prizes with the park.

That's like $10/hour...

Now don't panic, you get a break every hour to go hit the bathroom, meals, and charging station and internet within the coffin. So yes, when you get a "u up" text from that tinder dude, you have a legitimate excuse to stay the hell away from his creepy self.

I'm super claustrophobic, so I would probably hate this, but would you do this?

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