WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY: Blac Chyna Baby Rumors!


Yesterday, it was reported that Blac Chyna, former partner of the forgettable Kardashian, Rob, was pregnant... WITH HER BARELY 18 YEAR OLD BOYFRIEND'S BABY!

This is her boyfriend, YBN Almighty Jay. I'd show you his music, but I don't wanna get fired because I don't your child to hear this   

They've apparently been going out for a couple months, but still, that age gap is crazy, because YBN is barely 18!

Apparently, despite the rumors, Chyna is currently NOT pregnant, but did mention to TMZ that she does want more kids in the future, and YBN could be the father of one of those kids.

DUDE, I'm 22 and I can barely make ramen correctly, let alone parent a child. I hope they'd be able to make it work!

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