WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY!!! Khloe and Tristan, The Weeknd and more!!!

Khloe trying to keep calm!

Lots of craziness this week, especially in the Kardashian household!

Late last week, Khloe gave birth to her daughter True, and she is obviously thrilled about it!

However, recent developments of rumors regarding her baby daddy, NBA player Tristan Thompson, cheating on her has tainting some of the excitement.

I mean, it looked like they were doing so good!!! WHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THAT TRISTAN?!?

Despite anger from her family towards Tristan, it seems like Khloe has had some motivation from a great source: her mom!

According to E! News, Kris Jenner was said to be "helpful with the entire process and helped her (Khloe) remain calm and ease her mind."

As far as the last name of baby True, Khloe says she doesn't plan on changing it, because she and Tristan as parents are "in this together."

The Weeknd's dating... Bieber's ex???

The Weeknd had an INCREDIBLE set at Coachella, but the real buzz started to swirl after rumors came out that he and ex-girlfriend and model Bella Hadid were seen making out!


Bella took to E! News' Instagram to let people know that there was a mix-up.

What HAS developed though is that The Weeknd is apparently casually "dating"  Instagram model Chantel Jeffries, who was once in a relationship with Justin Bieber!!!

Of course, Bieber is still sort of, kind of with The Weeknd ex, Selena Gomez!!!


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