It's Woman Crush Wednesday! Hailey Baldwin/Shawn Mendes, Usher, and more!!!

Oh, have there been some crazy relationship swings and rumors over the weekend!

Of course, last week we had what was possibly one of the saddest breakups of the past year, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

Luckily, seems like Jenna is still holding her own, back on the set of Mixtape!

Will Hailey Baldwin and Shawn Mendes get together?

She was seen with him last month and the internet BLEW UP! However, she did mention last month that she was very much single.

Maybe they're just friends... OR ARE THEY?!?

Shawn posted this picture with her the other day!

Usher's wife formally filed for divorce yesterday, after two years of marriage. The singer has been barraged with controversy after his run in with a former partner involving some... err... confessions he forgot to make...

Finally, Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi had their second child yesterday... in their apartment lobby!!!

Seth called the NYPD to help deliver the baby, and his son was born!

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