Skate Park in Downtown DSM??? Looks like it!!!

Des Moines is an ever-growing, progressive city, and it looks like progress will keep moving forward... with some plywood and four wheels!

Skateboarding is such a cool and fun sport to learn and to do, and it's a shame to me that there's not much around for avid boarders.

However, that could change very soon!

The Polk County Board of Supervisors voted to continue the creation of a new skatepark along the Des Moines River on Tuesday!

Supporters of the park have donated $2 MILLION to help develop and fund the park, which would be right outside the Wells Fargo Arena.

How cool would it be on a warm summer day to have a skate jam out by the river?!?

*** any info I received is from the Des Moines Register *** Just relaying the awesome news! Check out their full article!

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