Make your day better. Watch Lil Dicky switch bodies with Chris Brown (LOL!)

If you don't know who Lil Dicky is, you may be missing out on one of the funniest musical acts out here right now. 

Dicky is a rapper from Cheltenham, PA (SHOUT OUT TO THE PHILLY AREA!) that gave up a job at an advertising agency in San Francisco to pursue his rap career.

Before long, he became known for his funny and outlandish raps, most notably with his song "Save That Money," where he made this music video for a grand total of $350!!!

Sure, he's super goofy, but he also has BARS!

Anyway, there's your brief intro to Lil Dicky.

But today... this video had me in tears laughing.

He teamed up with Chris Brown for a song called "Freaky Friday," where, much like the Lindsay Lohan movie, the two switch bodies. And this hilarious madness ensues.

Plus, there's cameos by Ed Sheeran and DJ Khaled too!


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