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Drake's Chaotic Weekend in Five Pics

LOTS happened this weekend. From moving into a new place to being at one of the best KDWB Events I've ever done.

Lets get started!

Friday night I began moving some smaller stuff into the new place with help from one of my friends, Cade (shoutout for all the help from him & Gabe this weekend)

Here's a little glimpse of the new apartment! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

I found out Friday night that my friend bringing a trailer wasn't gonna be able to make it so I had to scramble to find a U-Haul (which btw, was EXPENSIVE AF, yall weren't lying about that lol) but I did find one, some stuff get stolen from the back of the truck, thankfully, it was early on when we were loading so it was just some clothing & some kitchen stuff, but still it really sucks.

Managed to get done by 6 PM, had to frantically get ready for Boo Bash, found out my costume was amongst the stuff that got stolen, so hit up Jenny to bring her taco costume (shoutout Jenny)

And here's some pics from that night with Paul Russell! So much fun!

Thank you everyone who showed up! We love meeting you!

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