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Dave’s “Nothing Much Happened” Weekend in Five Pictures

Yep, it was a pretty quiet weekend. I put some stuff on eBay, watched a bad movie called “A Simple Favor” and other than going to the Edina Art Fair, that’s about it!

Here’s my quiet weekend in five pictures!

Josie and I went hiking at Lake Minnewashta Park. We cut it short because the bugs were do bad. There’s a rock near the beach that I put Carson on when he was little so I thought I’d put Josie up there for this picture. She was not a fan.

I saw this at the Edina Art Fair and I thought it was cool so I bought it. I can’t remember the artists full name but her first name was Taylor. Love this, Taylor!

And this pendant! Made by a guy named Dan Neff. I thought it was so cool! His website is lakesuperiorartglass.com. No, not a plug, cuz I paid full price. Just a recommendation!

Went to Fletcher’s afterward. I’m being super funny here as you can see, and blocking Susan so she’s flipping off the camera.

On Sunday, I was going to go flying but when I was about to get in the plane, I heard thunder. Yep, storms were moving in and little planes like this don’t do well in thunderstorms, so I came home and played my ukulele for a couple of hours.

I told ya it was a slow weekend! At least I got to see Allison and the girls at the Art Fair!

I hope you had a more interesting weekend than me! And I hope you have a great week!

If you’ve got kids and want something to do Tuesday, I’m reading and signing and selling my book “Little Dave’s Amazing Day” at Toddler Tuesday at the Rotunda at Mall of American this Tuesday at 4pm! PLUS, I’m selling and signing more copies of my book at Northern Soda Company Taproom next Sunday the 9th. It’s at 601 Campus Drive in New Brighton. Love to see you there!

Thanks for looking at my weekend in five pictures!


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