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Dave’s Fall Weekend in Five Pictures

This was kind of the perfect fall weekend. Chilly but not cold. Perfect for getting out and doing FALL things. And that’s what we did!

Let’s get into those pictures!

We all went to Sever’s Fall Festival on Saturday. The Giant Slide there is actually bigger than the one at the State Fair! I told Allison “We’re going on it!” She was like, “We are??” And we did!

And we went to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store. I was like, “I’m not gonna buy anything.” But I walked about with about $100 worth of stuff!

Saturday night I was going to carve pumpkins so I stopped and got these two carving kits. The electric carving saw was a complete waste. Not powerful enough and you can carve much faster on your own. I took that back. BUT the kit with the big metal scoop was LEGIT! I got these at Cub in the Halloween section.

Ava helped me by separating the seeds from the guts so we can roast them later!

And the finished product. Peppa Pig didn’t turn out but it was fun.

One Bonus Picture: Someone sent this to me. Found on a bathroom wall in Chisago City. Do you get it? If you’ve listened for a few years, you do!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got to do the things that make you happy!

Have a great week and thanks for looking at my pictures!


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