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I Went on a Cemetery Walk This Weekend! And Four More Pics!

Quite the weekend!

You heard the marathon was cancelled because of the heat. Yep, that was part of my weekend. It was also Susan and my anniversary weekend so we went a little crazy and went on a cemetery walk.

Let’s get into those pictures!

Let’s start Saturday morning. Walking my girl Josie through the fall leaves on our way to Caribou. 2 miles there, 2 miles back. She’s 14 and she does it no problem!

And in the afternoon we went on a historic Chanhassen Cemetery Walk! I’d never even heard of one but it was super cool. They had costumed actors playing the dead people and talking about their lives. If you like history and ever get a chance to go on one, do!

Soooo, for our anniversary dinner, we made reservations for The Melting Pot downtown. But by about noon on Saturday we said, “Let’s just stay on this side of town for dinner and go to Ike’s. Annnnnnnnd finally we said, “Let’s just go to Buffalo Wild Wings.” And that’s where we had our anniversary dinner!

Hmmmmmm, the streets downtown looked pretty empty on Sunday morning. That’s because the marathon was cancelled because of the heat! Most people found out before they left home but there were a few of us who didn’t hear. I came home and ran 5 miles anyway.

And Sunday I smoked some ribs. Josie was there to help by drinking up any excess water in our pond.

I’m so bummed about the marathon. I’m fine missing the 10-miler but I feel so bad for people who trained all summer for the marathon, especially people who were running their first one.

BTW, here are some other marathons in the area coming up soon. So if you didn’t run today, maybe you can get in one of these:

October 7 Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon

October 14 Whistlestop Marathon

October 15 Des Moines Marathon

October 21 Mankato Marathon

Have a great week and thanks for looking at my pictures!


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