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The Girls, The Fair, Brainerd and More…11 Pictures From My Weekend

Wow! What a weekend! Pretty much non-stop with the fair, watching the girls and a long motorcycle ride to Brainerd. Let’s dive in to this week’s pictures!

Friday after work, Susan, Allison and I went to the fair. I was going to go home and take a nap because it was a long week but there was no way I was going to miss out on this!

People make fun of me for like the Smelt Fries, little fried fish, but they’re so good! The fishier the better!

We rode the Sky Glider over the Giant Slide. Very cool perspective!

How about that hat? It was so blessed hot I need to keep the sun off me!

You probably saw this branch cutter at the fair. I picked up the set of three for my place in Colorado.

Jessica works for a good friend of mine and Jessica works in HR! She loves the “I’m Calling HR” bit so her boss got her this shirt!

The girls spent the night on Friday and I always love how they spread toys out all over the floor. Ava found Allison’s Barbies from when she was little and loved them!

Just a shot of me and Ava.

Stopped in Delano on the way to Brainerd on Sunday.

At the lake in Brainerd. It was hot, but it was beautiful!

Josie loves her Pup Cups from Caribou!

This cracked me up. Apparently this is Susan’s idea of unloading the dishwasher. Nope! LOL!

I hope you had a GREAT Labor Day weekend! And it’s a short week! Yay!

Thank you for taking a minute to look at my pictures! Have a great day!


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