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Dave’s Busy Summer Weekend in Five Pictures

It really was a great weekend! Went outside, volunteered, met people, saw the girls and got a little something on my front porch!

Let’s get started with that weekend in five pictures!

Saturday, I volunteered at the Lake Minnewashta Mud Run. Met these wonderful people and so many more. Tons of fun and I’m glad I did it!

This was my station at the mud run. I told people what they had to do, (run out in the lake and ring a bell on a stand) then direct them back in the right direction.

Later that day I went rollerblading. Well, actually practiced rollerblading. They still make me nervous and I fell once hard enough that it set off the “Hard Fall Recognition” on my Apple Watch and it asked me if I wanted it to call 911. I wasn’t hurt though.

Sunday I met Allison and her girls at Centennial Lakes and we went for a walk and stopped at this booth so Ava could make a little fish out of a paper plate!

And this came on Friday! I haven’t ridden it yet cuz I’m gonna watch some tutorial videos first but I’m pretty excited about it!

And that is it! I hope you had a great weekend and as always, thanks for taking a few minutes to look at my pictures!


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