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Dave's 4th of July Weekend in 10 Pictures!

I love a four day weekend? Who wouldn't? And I love hot weather so this was perfect!

I hope you got to do the things you love with the people you love this weekend!

Here come 10 pictures from my weekend!

Saturday I went to a grad party. Her dad is Kenyan and he made the most amazing Kenyan food. Yes, I ate too much but it was worth it!

I found some time to play banjolele on the back deck.

Carson is home for two weeks. Josie LOVES Carson and she NEVER lies still on the couch, ever. She must have just really loved to be with him. Dogs are the best!

It was also cute to see Carson feeding Ava.

We went to the beach and I forgot charcoal starter fluid and matches SO I had to walk around asking to borrow them. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and yes, I found them!

This is Shannon from the KDWB Running Club. She wanted a running buddy so we ran 3 miles in 85 degree heat near Excelsior. Afterward we went to The Lobby to play cribbage. She won! BTW, sign up for my cribbage tournament for Pause 4 Paws on July 26th. Link is at the end of the this blog.

Of course we went to the Chanhassen 4th celebration. Ava went "fishing" and won a little purple shark!

I won her a stuffed whale!

On the fourth, I called bingo for a standing room only crowd at the Chan celebration. Tons of fun and met so many nice people. That's the official ball-handler, Eric in front of me.

And just part of the crowd there for bingo! Thanks for coming and thanks for coming up to say hi and for laughing at my dad jokes!

Before I forget, here's the link to sign up for my cribbage tournament on July 26th! All skill levels welcome and we're there to have fun and raise money for homeless pets!

Back to work tomorrow. I hope you have a great week and as always, a sincere thank you for looking at my pictures.


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