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While Everyone Was at Taylor Swift, Here’s What I Did This Weekend!

Did you go to Taylor Swift? Seems like so many people I know did! I told Susan on Friday that it’s cool that it’s bringing so much joy to so many people and creating so many memories. Definitely a concert you won’t forget.

Me? I like her but not enough to spend the money on tickets but I had a great weekend anyway. Here’s my weekend in five pictures!

Friday, we were wondering what we should do because we did NOT want to sit in the house. How about fishing? We rented a canoe on Lake Ann and got bait and licenses and off we went!

Honestly? Susan wasn’t way into the idea but then she started catching fish. Nothing bit, just little sunnies but she loved it and made fun of me because she caught about 8 and I caught about 3. Look how happy she is!

Kind of an unusual picture for this post but this is what’s happening in my basement in Colorado. Too much rain, flooding, and a wet basement is gonna cost me a lot. This is just part of the damage.

But there’s good new! I ordered a Bird Buddy back during the winter and it finally came! No birds yet but it should happen soon!

And on Sunday, Allison and I went to see “Boogeyman.” We used to go see scary movies all the time when she was growing up, so when she asked me to go I was like “YES!”

And that’s it! I hope you dodged the rain if you were outside or found something fun to do inside!

Thanks for looking at my pictures! Have a great week!


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