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Dave’s St. Patrick’s Day Weekend in Five Pictures

I hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day Weekend! We don’t really do St. Patrick’s Day much in my family. Since I was 17 and in radio, St. Patrick’s Day has pretty much always meant I had some kind of station St. Patrick’s Day event or party or something so it kind of sticks in my mind as a work day.

Not this year! I had the weekend free! Let’s look at those five pictures!

I totally realize that food never looks appetizing when an amateur like me takes pictures, but this is the corned beef and cabbage from the crockpot on Friday. The whole house smelled like cabbage all day Friday and honestly I thought it was going to be terrible. I’d never had it before! But it was AMAZING!

Friday night a friend’s relative was having a birthday party at my wife’s shop and asked me to come by and sing happy birthday to her. Happy birthday Mindy!

I went to Ridgedale on Saturday and got a game that’s basically an escape room that you have to figure out. We tried for about 30 minutes and it was way too tricky so we gave up and watched Netflix.

Sunday, I’m making mozzarella-stuffed meatballs in the crockpot. Thanks to the listener who sent me the recipe…I looked through my DMs to find you and I can’t but thank you!

And this came! Evelyn is 6 months old and loves when I hold her and walk around but my arms get tired! So I got this shirt! No, that’s not a real baby, it’s Evelyn’s stunt double!

And that’s it! I hope you have a great week! Spring is coming!

Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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