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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures! Parties and Celebrities!

This was the busiest weekend I've had in awhile! At least the most I've been out of the house! Here we go with my weekend in five pictures!

Friday night, our company threw a big party for all the stations at Town Hall Brewery. It was really great to see all these people because a lot of them work from home and we never see each other. That's Ted from Promotions, Rich the boss, and Sue from the sales department.

Saturday night I was out again! I went to a friend's birthday party in Lake City and ran into these ladies at the bar. They all listen to the show and wanted to say hi!

That's Joe, the birthday boy on the right and his wife, Debi. I married them in October of 2022.

Okay, one of the highlights of the year so far! I got to meet and interview Christopher Knight, aka Peter Brady. I've basically known him since I was 8 or 9 so it was super-cool to meet him. And he's just as nice as I hoped!

The interview and Q&A went an hour but we could have talked all afternoon. I wrote a bunch of questions but he was so interesting that most of my questions came from listening to his stories. Lots of fun!

And now, back to the real world! I'll see you on the radio this week! Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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