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Dave's Weekend in New Ulm in Five Pictures

You stocking up for the big snow storm yet? It's funny, every time there's a big snow storm, Minnesotans (and probably Wisconsonites too) head down to Cub and stock up like they won't be able to leave their house for months. A friend of mine lives in North Dakota and last storm, the shelves at the grocery store were pretty much cleared out, except for a few things here and there Seriously? I haven't stocked up and I have probably at least a month's worth of food already in the kitchen!

Oh well.

And now, on to those five pictures!

We just wanted to go somewhere for the weekend so Friday night we went down to New Ulm. And we ate at our favorite German place ever. If you've never been, you have to go! Get the ribs and try the spaetzle, but everything is so good!

I wondered if there were any bands in town Friday and I SO lucked out. We saw this Beatles Tribute band. They're from Wisconsin and they're called "The Britins" and they were so good!

I guess the deer are putting on some fat for the storm because they were all over my bird feeders this weekend. There are 8 in this picture but Sunday afternoon I counted nine. The most I've ever seen in my yard!

Ava and Evelyn spent Sunday night and we loved it. Even though two kids under 3 is a handful! Literally!

And this is what the living room looked like when they were here. This was all Ava because Evelyn is too young for toys like this. We love it!

And that's it! Have a great week!

As always, thanks for looking at my five pictures!


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