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Dave's Dull Weekend in Five Photos

I think our slow weekend started on Friday when we decided to go out to the Victoria Burrow, which is kind of a Dave and Busters in Victoria with mini-golf, video games, food and drinks. All was good until we bought $40 worth of game play cards and all the machines were down because the wi-fi was out. Well @%^&! I get it, it happens and I don't blame Victoria Burrows. It could happen to anyone, but it kicked off our weekend on kind of a blah note.

It wasn't all bad or dull, just not the most exciting. So let's get started on 'dem pictures!

Friday, I got my Scout uniform back from the cleaners and put all the medals and patches back on that had to come off when it got cleaned. I'm pretty proud of the number of pins and badges I have! I'm proudest of the pins on the collar which are "Mentor Pins" that a Scout gives to an adult who made an impact on them during their Scouting career.

Saturday morning, this guy visited my bird feeder again. I just love him. He's HUGE! Like almost the size of a chicken!

This week, my entire family is going to San Diego to celebrate my birthday which was in October. I'm taking along this bottle of Louie the 13th, which I bought on a Disney Cruise ship 20 years or so ago and said "Let's save it for a special occasion." Well, this is it!

And we're taking along this bottle of scotch from 1964, which again, I've had sitting around the house for 20 years waiting for the right occasion. BTW, there have been plenty of "right" occasions, I just never remembered to get this stuff out!

And finally on Saturday night, we ventured out again, this time to Inside Edge Golf in Eden Prairie. It was fun and good to get out of the house! By the way, Susan has perfected her "Serial Killer Face" in this picture.

And that's it! I hope you had a good weekend! Just like that we're almost halfway through January!

Have a good week and thanks as always for looking at my pictures!


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