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A Sad and Hard Weekend For My Family

You may have known I was in Phoenix this past week and this weekend. I never said on the radio why I was there, but I can talk about it now.

Julie, my son Chase’s mom, passed away last week after a year-long battle with cancer. Chase is heartbroken. They were so extremely close and Julie was such a big personality, no one who was in her life was unaffected by her. She was strong, funny, loving and so intelligent.

Maybe you heard me talk about her on the radio. Chase grew up with her in Arizona and while we didn’t agree on a lot of things, we both loved him so much. She was a wonderful mother and so responsible for the man he’s turned out to be. After he was an adult and we didn’t have to argue about money, visits and how to raise him, Julie and I once again became very close friends. I went out to see her in July and again just two weeks ago; partly for her, partly for Chase, partly for myself.

I’m so sad for Chase and his sister. But I will say that Chase was lucky to have her in his life for the years she was there.

This is Julie with Chase when he was about a year old.

Carson played bartender at the get-together after the funeral. That’s him pouring a drink for Chase.

Carson and Chase a few drinks in. I told them both, if ever there’s an occasion to overdo it a little, this is it.

Dinner on Saturday night. Chase’s wife, Maddie on the right.

Walking out of the restaurant with my boy, trying to say the right words.

Thanks for looking at my blog.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and don't miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them.


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