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Dave's Birthday Weekend in Something Like 12 Pictures

Well hello!

Just back from a few days in the Florida Keys for my birthday. It was kind of a random choice since we'd never ever talked about going there. But we found a little Air BnB townhome at a good price right on the water.

Honestly, we didn't do a whole lot, cuz our theory is "our favorite thing to do it relax, so let's stay here at the place we rented and do that!"

Let's get started!

This was the view off the back porch. Very peaceful and only a few people walked by all weekend. No noise, no boats, no "other people's music" to bug us!

We went on a four-mile walk around the island and saw some absolutely amazing houses. The weird thing is, 75% of them seemed unoccupied, even abandoned.

This one was super-cool, but...

...there were DOZENS of houses that looked like they were abandoned during construction. Maybe the owner ran out of money? Or died? Or what???

It's kind of hard to see this epic back yard, but a boat on the canal, with a pool and a jacuzzi. Just amazing.

Let's get on the bike and ride!

We found a place called "No Name Pub".

And inside, every inch of this place is covered with dollar bills! It was amazing! I looked it up and they estimate there is $90,000 in dollar bills in there, but honestly, it looks like at least twice that!

We stopped to play a favorite game called "3-13" with Spam cards a listener named Connie sent me for my birthday! Thanks Connie!

We went to Key West and honestly, I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I did spot this guy with a pet parrot on his shoulder. Now I want a pet parrot!

And this classic picture everyone has to get in Key West! Carson even got it when he was there with the Boy Scouts in 2015!

Finishing up with a little "Birthday Bloody Mary."

Thanks for looking! I appreciate you taking time to do that!

Have a great week!


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